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School Counselor

School Counselor

For our students

About Our School Counseling Program

Elementary School Counselors provide a comprehensive curriculum which is delivered school-wide.  The School Counseling Program at Zuni is designed to meet the needs of all students. 

The Zuni Counselor delivers curriculum in all classrooms addressing academic, personal/social, and career development. Topics may include: friendship skills, listening, recognizing & responding to bullying, emotion management, conflict resolution, and coping strategies. 

Small group counseling sessions are offered throughout the year as needed to address specific identified concerns of students which may include:  divorce, friendship, grief,  and study skills. Groups typically will include 5-7 students gathering for 6+ sessions in the Counseling office at a time which is agreed upon with the classroom teachers.  The group session format utilizes a variety of modalities which can include play, books, art, videos, discussion and experiential education.  Small group settings are designed to help students overcome issues impeding achievement or success.

The School Counselor meets with individual students on a short-term basis, when necessary, to respond to events and conditions in student's lives.  Responsive services consist of activities designed to meet students' immediate needs and concerns.  The School counselor makes referrals to appropriate community resources for students who require therapy or long-term counseling services.

School Counselors also provide indirect services as a means to support student achievement.  The Zuni Counselors interacts with parents, teachers, administrators, school staff and community stakeholders to create a safe, caring environment and promote student success.  Indirect services are delivered through referrals, consultation, and collaboration.

Parents are invited to contact the counselor any time during school hours to discuss any concerns about their child at phone (505) 881-8313 ex 45238 or by email at

    Welcome Students & Parents! 

    Here for you!

    My name is Ms. Noel and I am your School Counselor for the 2019-2020 School Year! am primarily in the office Mondays through Fridays.  I am available to help students at any grade level, at any time. I have an open door policy for parents from 7:30 am to 8:00 am most Monday through Friday or I am available to meet by appointment.  I can be reached at or (505) 881-8313 ext. 45238


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